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Found these on my computer when I was organising stuff. Two cakes, one baked for the flamenco night a while back, the other for the more recent cocktail party at Plien's place. You may guess which is which.

Last weekend, in between work and some more work and then a lot of some stress about other people's theses, there was some cupcake bakery again. Took some pictures WITH MY IPHONE, OH YEAH. Some of them suck, but still.

And then I was so pleased with Instagram that I messed around with it some more (and also with Frametastic and whatnot) and madethese.

Went to lunch with Mariska today after her final thesis talk, and nearly had a heart attack when I found out I wasn't getting messages for missed calls. Went by work to check, but they'd already called someone else. Apparently, they thought "Hm, this isn't like Erika at all... something must be wrong, we hope she's not dead," and not "Damn that Erika, she's fired," so that's good. Left a note for my colleague saying "Sorry, I currently have two phones but they both went bonkers... Sorry! One of them is working now. Also, sorry." I paraphrase, of course.

Came home and found out that the Hotmail people, for reasons that still elude me, had blocked my email account. Spent over an hour trying to fix that, changing passwords and looking up stuff, and - thank goodness - was successful in the end. Can now access my email again. Which is nice. 'Cos, y'know.

Holy crap, that was stressful. Still have a cupcake left, hahaaah.

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