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Public Service Announcement

Hi! For all those who are still reading this (about three people, I guess?): this blog will no longer be updated, as I'm on Wordpress these days. Well, since yesterday.


If you want to see pictures of moustache-shaped cookies, you should definitely visit it in the near future. See you there!


Er, so that took a little longer than I thought it would...

I've been busy. My internship ended in May, and since then I've been working more hours at the bookshop. Am also leaving the supermarket in a few weeks. Still job-hunting, not going too well. There aren't that many jobs out there and the companies that have vacancies don't seem to want me. I'll keep trying, though. But sometimes it gets a bit depressing.

On the totally not depressing other hand, I just moved in with my boyfriend. And not a moment too soon: one day after we moved all my stuff, the ceiling in the hallway of my old house sort of came down...

So yes. Busy life. I'll try to update now and then, but I can't promise anything :P

Merry Christmas!

Er, okay. This has been a while. Apologies. All is well. I got an internship at a publishing firm in Amsterdam! I also got a boyfriend.

So I now have three jobs and a social life that fills most of the rest of my time… I promise to try and update more regularly next year, haha.

For now, Merry Christmas!

(I didn’t have a lot of time, so I had to do this in one take... which is why it sucks. Ahem. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts, right? Hee.)

Doctor Who - Asylum of the Daleks

Woooow. That was weird on so many levels. And strangely good in places. Rory was awesome, as always. “What colour? … Sorry, there weren’t any good questions left.”

Also, I’m a little confused now. Spoilahs.Collapse )

Next week looks cool! Trailah spoilahs.Collapse )

By the way, new opening stuff? New logo, new colours in the vortex... Nice, but somehow it made me think they spent the entire special effects budget on next week’s episode... XD


France was brilliant, pictures may follow. I was misinformed; 40 minutes until Asylum of the Daleks, whee!


New Who starts again tonight but I won't be watching, seeing as I'm leaving for France in about an hour. See you next week!

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Found these on my computer when I was organising stuff. Two cakes, one baked for the flamenco night a while back, the other for the more recent cocktail party at Plien's place. You may guess which is which.

Cakes, yum.Collapse )

Last weekend, in between work and some more work and then a lot of some stress about other people's theses, there was some cupcake bakery again. Took some pictures WITH MY IPHONE, OH YEAH. Some of them suck, but still.

Cupcakes, yum.Collapse )

And then I was so pleased with Instagram that I messed around with it some more (and also with Frametastic and whatnot) and madethese.Collapse )

Went to lunch with Mariska today after her final thesis talk, and nearly had a heart attack when I found out I wasn't getting messages for missed calls. Went by work to check, but they'd already called someone else. Apparently, they thought "Hm, this isn't like Erika at all... something must be wrong, we hope she's not dead," and not "Damn that Erika, she's fired," so that's good. Left a note for my colleague saying "Sorry, I currently have two phones but they both went bonkers... Sorry! One of them is working now. Also, sorry." I paraphrase, of course.

Came home and found out that the Hotmail people, for reasons that still elude me, had blocked my email account. Spent over an hour trying to fix that, changing passwords and looking up stuff, and - thank goodness - was successful in the end. Can now access my email again. Which is nice. 'Cos, y'know.

Holy crap, that was stressful. Still have a cupcake left, hahaaah.
Door was still blocked, so I asked a builder working across the flat roof next to the house if he'd open the window for me so I could get in that way. I nearly fell off a ladder (not as dramatic as it sounds), but the door is open! :D

On the plus side, my iPhone, iPlayer and wifi are still working. And I've posted more entries in the past two days than in the past two months, I think. So there.

Oh, joy.

I knew the winning streak was bound to end, but I didn't think it'd close with something this annoying.

I live in a student house, right? Our toilet is in the kitchen, because apparently that makes sense. Anyway. The toilet door is next to the kitchen door, at a right angle, and opens outward. The kitchen door opens inward. They open into each other. By some stupid happenstance, the toilet door is now blocking the kitchen door, so I can't actually get into the kitchen. Or the toilet, for that matter, but we've got another one of those and I currently care more about getting an ice lolly because it's still too darn hot. Also, breakfast tomorrow morning would be nice.

So anyway. Yes. Excepting a miracle, we'll probably need the landlord to get the kitchen door off its hinges?

This is beginning to get ridiculous

So I succeeded in posting an LJ entry from my iPhone, I fixed my iPlayer proxy, and I managed to access an inaccessible article for Rianne's thesis. I figured I was on a winning streak and decided I'd try one more impossible thing today. So guess what?


On another note...

I seem to have just fixed my broken iPlayer proxy.

Computer whiz, me XD

Public Service Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen, I have entered the 21st century. I'm posting this on an iPhone. So, er, prepare for the apocalypse?

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Um. Oops.

Lis emailed me. “Your blog is dying!” she said. It is indeed. Let’s do something about that, then.

Stuff that happened in the past month and a half:

- baked some blueberry muffins and a couple of cakes
- performed a flamenco thing in front of a lot of people and didn't even mess half of it up
- had a cocktail party at Plien’s
- had pasta in Rowan’s garden
- got yet another "no" on a job application
- applied for another job, this time as an assistant at a publishing firm in Amsterdam (fingers crossed)
- had my bestest friend sleep over in Leiden after not seeing her for months
- had my brother over for a visit (I now have a working printer, woohoo)
- spent a day in Alphen getting jumped on by a puppy and three cats
- went on two dates (inorite, whaaat)
- unexpectedly spent two evenings in a row having dinner at the same friends’ place (and played Rummikub for possibly the first time since I moved out of Zeeland)

I also saw the whole of House and a crapload of films, in which (among other things) Abraham Lincoln wielded an axe, a squirrel wreaked havoc with a nut, Alec Baldwin wore an insane wig, a couple of animals bought a circus, some guy dressed up like a giant bat, a feisty Scottish princess accidentally turned her mother into a bear, and Stan Lee had his most hilarious cameo so far. Also, because I spent most of the past two weeks living on five to six hours of sleep a night, I thought I’d cheer up my tired brain by (instead of sleeping, because who needs sleep, sigh) watching some old musicals… and now, inevitably, I can’t get stuff like this out of my head:

Catchy song. And Phil Silvers being hilarious. Oh, and Gene Kelly being a brilliant dancer. Duh.Collapse )

Finished reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and King Solomon’s Mines, and I’m now about to start on Laurie King’s latest Mary Russell book, Pirate King. According to one Amazon reviewer it’s about Russell and Holmes infiltrating a film company that is making a film about a fictional film crew making a film based on The Pirates of Penzance, without the music – because it’s a silent picture made in the twenties – but with real pirates. So, er. That’s one book combining Holmes, silent film and Gilbert and Sullivan. Three of my fandoms. Also, pirates. This should be good.

Er. Mini-hiatus, much...

Sorryyyyyy. It’s just that nothing exciting is going on, so I have nothing to blog about. Ahem.

Let’s see. The past two weeks. I worked, mostly. And worked some more. And then we did the inventory. And then I worked some more. And then Rowan and Plien unexpectedly came by my place for dinner. I’ve seen, er… Mystery of the Wax Museum (EEEK), In the Heat of the Night, The Philadelphia Story (YAAAY), and, for reasons that elude me now, She’s the Man. Meanwhile, still watching The X Files, which is becoming increasingly weird, but I was warned about that, so. Oh, and in between everything (on work breaks, mostly, which is why it's taking forever) I’m reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which is good so far (and also a little confusing, but that’s okay because I’m not a scientist so I don’t care if it’s all correct or not XD).

Also, there are some cupcakes in the oven for Rowan’s MA graduation thing this afternoon. If it happens. I still don’t know what time we have to be there. Neither does she.

I’ll just wait, then.

Edit: Oh! Apparently this is my 1,000th LJ entry... Um. "Woohoo"?

Edit edit: Right. So the secretary's office lost one of Rowan’s forms, and now she’s not getting her MA thing today. WTF? Am waiting to hear what will happen now :S

Edit edit edit: Nope, no ceremony for Rowan. Postponed to September. Went to Bagels & Beans instead and had fun anyway. Am saving the cupcakes for tomorrow (Rock of Ages, wheee), but brought one with me for Rowan that said "Rowan, MA" so she got her degree after all, sort of :P

I bake a lot, all of a sudden?

Nope, Ministry of Defence doesn't want me either. So, er. Boo.

On an infinitely more cheerful note, Rowan and I went to check out Plien's new place yesterday, and I baked a TARDIS cake.Collapse )

Ah. Um.

Okay, so you remember Doner dude, right? Asked me out again on Facebook. Again. Apparently ignoring him didn't work either. I'm going to tell him NO again, politely, but really I just want to whack him over the head with a cricket bat.

[Interesting Title Goes Here]

Nothing eventful going on (except maybe the footie, but I’m not watching, so I wouldn’t know if it’s exciting or not). Ministry of Defence still quiet, work still busy, I’m still watching The X-Files and currently reading The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime. Oh, and I did some charity work on Rianne’s thesis.

Also, I messed around with some marzipan.Collapse )


Er. So I forgot to blog again? Short recap of the past two weeks, then…

Have been working a lot. Read some Sherlock Holmes and some ghost stories in between. Ordered (and received) a crapload of books and DVDs off Amazon, even though I still had a considerable pile of Books To Read. Saw Dark Shadows last week, which was occasionally a little terrible but generally hilarious. Went to see Men in Black 3 with Plien last Tuesday, which was also good (although predictably not as good as the original, but we had fun anyway). And afterwards, just because we could, we went to see The Avengers again, because THE LULZ, AAH. Had to leave half an hour before it finished though, because I had to catch the last train back to Leiden…

Am still waiting for a reply from the Ministry of Defence, which should be any day now. Not getting my hopes up, ahem.

Oh, and I got a haircut this afternoon, so for the next week I’ll be going “OMG my hair is SO SHORT, I want it BACK”.

I think that was about it. Planned a weekend of books (bookstore work totally counts as fun) and some Poirot-watching, puppy-hugging and cupcake-bakery, so that should be good, haha.

I do need to blog more, don't I?

Finished Christie's Curtain on the train yesterday. Was completely fooled, of course. Read Les tribulations d'une caissière last night (not in French, obviously), so expect a(nother) post about my own supermarket woes soon. Have just started on Around the World in 80 Days, which so far has made me want to buy all the rest of Verne's work, so er... yeah. Have also been re-watching some Cary Grant films over the past week, because it's been too long. Oh, and I saw The Sea Hawk, which is basically just ships and privateers and plot-hatching and Claude Rains wearing an extremely odd wig and Errol Flynn fencing the crap out of Henry Daniell. Teehee.

Successfully baked pancakes last night with my brother, and because my mum liked last week's cake so much I'm now baking another one. At least this time I won't have to eat half of it myself, because people are actually coming to Tuesday's film thing (unlike last week, when Rowan was ill and Plien had to arrange papers and things to look at an apartment she's going to rent, both of which are of course no excuse for not going to see Johnny Depp play a vampire in the seventies, lol).

Also, the weather is going to be all summer-y, yay! Well. Minus the showers. But still. Time for another layout change, methinks?

[Appropriate Title Goes Here]

First day at the bookstore went well, yesterday. Am looking forward to next week already, haha. (Have to get through a week of supermarket first, though...)

Made my mum breakfast, have an apple and cinnamon cake in the oven and am now reading a Poirot novel (The Mysterious Affair at Styles) my housemate lent me. Also, I have a Skype-date with Kyra at eleven, 'cos we haven't talked in WAY too long, so there you are.

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