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Oh, joy.

I knew the winning streak was bound to end, but I didn't think it'd close with something this annoying.

I live in a student house, right? Our toilet is in the kitchen, because apparently that makes sense. Anyway. The toilet door is next to the kitchen door, at a right angle, and opens outward. The kitchen door opens inward. They open into each other. By some stupid happenstance, the toilet door is now blocking the kitchen door, so I can't actually get into the kitchen. Or the toilet, for that matter, but we've got another one of those and I currently care more about getting an ice lolly because it's still too darn hot. Also, breakfast tomorrow morning would be nice.

So anyway. Yes. Excepting a miracle, we'll probably need the landlord to get the kitchen door off its hinges?


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Aug. 16th, 2012 12:34 am (UTC)
Do I understand that the door-handles have got locked together, or is it some other form of blockage? If the first, a patient sort of jiggling the doors back and forth will sometimes unstick them. (I've lived in two different houses that did that. Admittedly in one house we did wind up having to permanently remove one of the doors... :P)
Aug. 16th, 2012 06:16 am (UTC)
Well, it's more that the actual door is in the way. And I can't reach the other doorhandle because the kitchen door won't open more than a few millimetres. I've been patiently jiggling for about ten minutes now, but nothing's happening. Maybe I'll get dressed and ask one of the builders working nearby if they can enter through the window, 'cos I'm sure it's open... Damn, this is crazy XD

Edited at 2012-08-16 06:16 am (UTC)
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