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We can, as they say, but try

Applied for a secretarial position near here, a job at the secretary's office of one of Utrecht University's faculties, and a translation thing for the government. I have a feeling every translator and/or English student in the entire country has already applied for that, but, y'know, it's worth a try (thanks for telling me, Plien). Also, had a job interview at a bookstore this morning, which went very well, considering they hired me in ten minutes, haha. I'll occasionally be helping out when they need me, so it's not a fulltime thing, but at least it's closer to what I want (which is more books and less supermarket).

So there we are.

Also, the sociolinguistics experiment is progressing in the sense that I just saw (and filled out) the questionnaire and listened to some of the other songs people are going to evaluate. All are good and I'm curious as to the results... but that's going to take a few months, so, yeah.


The Avengers

Well, that was... a considerable number of handsome men in a banter-packed action adventure including lots of exploding stuff, Captain America breaking up a bitchfight between Stark and Thor, and The Hulk randomly punching people and using Loki to beat up the floor a bit.


Thor, 'defending' Loki: "He's my brother."
Black Widow: "He killed 80 people in two days."
Thor: "...he was adopted."

Also, someone at some point said something about "reversing the polarity" and all I could think was "OF THE NEUTRON FLOW BAHAHAHAHA".

Anyway, that was last night. Am now back to doing groceries, cleaning and job hunting. (Bit boring in comparison to superheroes saving the world, lol.)

Cupcakes and Moar Cupcakes

This time they look like a toy shop exploded.

Teehee.Collapse )

Sunday I went to the Fantasy Fair with Rowan and Plien, which involved a little rain, a lot of sun, some mead, and considerable quantities of good food (like those roasted almonds covered in sugary stuff... aaaah). Also, I bought a very pretty corset, which is also a little uncomfortable… but, y’know, corsets aren’t meant to be comfortable, and I'd never worn one before, so yeah.

On Monday I worked all day (managed in between to set up a job interview for next Thursday at a local bookstore, yay) and then had to get on a train to Amersfoort to watch a high school performance of Starlight Express. I thought I’d be on time, but the bus kept getting stuck behind cyclists and the like, so when I got to the station I had to make a run for the platform. In my bid for a “desperate deed of derring-do” I took a leap into the train just as the doors were closing, but got my foot caught on the step and consequently fell into the compartment in a rather dramatic manner. On the upside, I wasn’t late for the show. However, my leg now sports several interesting shades of blue and purple.

Tuesday featured more work, followed by some catching up over a coffee with my thesis supervisor, who I hadn’t seen in almost three months. Fun was had. Afterwards I went to The Hague and saw The Pirates! with Rowan, which was hilarious and clever and generally awesome. (Next Tuesday it’s The Avengers, wheeee!)

On Wednesday I worked some more at the supermarket and got some groceries before I left. For some reason one of the regular student-customers decided the best moment to attempt chatting me up was when I was looking at toilet paper, so, um. Went home rapidly.

On Thursday I tackled the increasingly terrifying mess my room had become by doing the dishes and… er, well, not much else, as I figured reading a book would be more fun than laundry, vacuuming and going through stacks of papers. Oh, and there was more work, of course. I got to be cleaning lady and walked around discharging static electricity all evening. Been doing the electricity thing for weeks, but now it got so bad that when I wanted to punch in the code to open the office I practically short-circuited the keypad, which went “UR DOING IT RONG” and beeped red before I’d even touched any of the buttons.

Friday involved yet more work, after which I raced home, had some sandwiches for dinner, raced to dance class and later raced to the station to hop on a train to Zeeland. Amazingly there were no accidents or other delays this time, so I finished reading my Tarzan book without interruptions.

This morning I caught up with 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory, and I’ve just spent the better part of the afternoon sawing my ill-fitting muffin tin in half. It started out as a spectacularly troublesome venture, but I got it done eventually – even though I ended up having to round off the edges with sandpaper because I couldn’t find a file. (In a garage full of tools. Seriously.)

So, er. Taking it easy the rest of the weekend, haha. Am possibly going shopping tomorrow, and will probably start reading Rupert of Hentzau at some point. Also, I’m baking cupcakes on Monday to bring with me on Tuesday. Pictures may follow.

In which I blog some more.

Went out to dinner with Rowan in Noordwijk yesterday (because Plien bailed on movie-night again), and for some reason it ended with us doing the can-can at the bus stop to keep warm. Yeah, I don't know either XD

Also, sent out some more job applications a few days ago, so I'm now sort of waiting for a reply in between working A LOT at the supermarket... Am reading The Return of Tarzan in my currently rather sparse free time. I brought it with me to read on the bus to Noordwijk yesterday, but then on the way I found I had forgotten about all the roundabouts... so I put it away again as I figured there was no point in getting seasick before reaching the coast. Ahem.

Oh, and I managed to get my ticket for the Fair. Hurrah. The weather, however, doesn't look that good... I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping the rain will not be as bad as they say. (Wjichj, incudenntally, mskres tyouhng s bot diffuciookt.)


Just tried to buy my ticket for the Elf Fantasy Fair. Something went wrong when I tried to connect to the bank or something… and now the EFF site says I’ve got a ticket when I haven’t actually done anything… and also I haven’t actually got the ticket.

Argh, Internets. Y U NO WORK PROPERLY?

On a related note (Friday 13th magic?), I bought a muffin tin this morning that won’t fit in my microwave-oven-thing and a glass chopping board that I can’t get into my kitchen cupboard. Also, someone went “Do you want to read Veronica Magazine for a year for free?” and I went “Maybe” and he went (I paraphrase) “When I said free I meant it’ll cost you 25 euros” so I went “In that case, nothanksbai…”

Oh, and I got some shoes and books, inevitably.


Went to see The Lorax with Rowan just now. We were all “aaaawh” and “bahahahaah” and “TEEHEE” and then “obvious moral message is obvious” and then “bahahahaah” some more. Fluffy trees! Adorable bears! Fish humming the Mission Impossible theme! Oh, and three people on a unicycle-scooter-thing. Ahaha.

Also, there’s an awesome lecture on detectives in popular culture next week, but I can’t go because WORK, boo.

In better news, am recording a song for the sociolinguistics experiment (yay), but they only need part of it so I might do the whole song anyway and put that on the YouTubes, or, I dunno… something.

Also, happy Easter!

Can of milk: *shows up with no label*
Me: *phones colleague to try and fix the problem*
Lady customer: *gets mad at me because apparently it's my fault that the can has no label*
Me: *manages to stay polite*
Lady: *just pays for everything else and then storms off in a huff, leaving the milk*

Me: *is manning the off-license*
Man: *comes in* "Could you watch my dog for a few minutes while I go get cigarettes?"
Me: "I'm not actually allowed to do that, sir."
Man: *leaves dog anyway before I can explain*
Me: "...right."
Man: *returns*
Me: *tries to explain why the dog is supposed to stay in the hall*
Man: *gets mad at me because apparently it's my fault that his dog isn't allowed inside and then gives me some sanctimonious bullcrap about how he's such a loyal customer that he's going to forget about me "lecturing" him because I am only an ignorant girl and I don't know what I'm talking about*

Holy mother of sandwiches. People suck. So much.

Oh, and by the way. Dear under-20-year-olds, BRING YOUR SODDING ID-CARDS!

Watch me blog more.

Went to see Wrath of the Titans today, which was silly and thus involved comments on Voldemort, fake beards, breath mints, Dr Phil gods, and Bill Nighy going "You're Perseus, son of Zeus? 'Release the Kraken,' and all that?" Also, Rowan and Plien and I got to meet Timo's new boyfriend, and approved.

Oh, and I made chocolate cupcakes!

Poorly lit sample in the webcam picture under the cut...Collapse )

And yes, that is the tail of the Cheshire Cat apparently attached to my thumb... teehee.

"Blog more," they tell me. Repeatedly.

Er. Okay. Apparently this “post something every day”-plan has turned into a scheme where I update twice a month if you’re lucky…?

Right. So. Not a lot has happened, hence the silence. Mouth is a lot better, so yay for that. Job hunt on the other hand isn’t going very well… but at least I’m trying, right? TV-series-wise I’ve moved on to The X-Files, which so far has been very entertaining. (Why is it that I have so many things to catch up with? All of this stuff I’m told I should already have seen...)

Went to see John Carter last week, without any ideas or expectations as I hadn’t seen the trailer and didn’t know what it was about at all, so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel/series/thing (I recently read Tarzan, so yeah). It was also, at times, amusingly, a combination of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Cowboys and Aliens, Gladiator and The First Men in the Moon, and had all the logic of a Gilbert and Sullivan opera… which would explain why, according to the Internet, people seem either to hate it or to love it. Also, THE DOG IS SO CUTE OMAIGOD.

Then there was a lecture on Doctor Who and Anglo-Saxon England, which was also entertaining. It had been quite some time since I'd seen The Time Meddler, and seeing it again on a big screen (wall, actually, but whatever) was good. (Also, the rest of the audience reminded me I tend to suspend my disbelief regarding the silly special effects and the bad and/or stereotypical costumes, lol.)

Last Tuesday Plien tried to take a picture of her plate of food and dropped her iPhone into it. When we had recovered from the ensuing laughing fit, we saw Chronicle, which was weird, and good, but mostly weird. Also, Rowan and I theorised on filming a movie starring her cat and pretending it was the new Avengers film... which clearly is only funny when you know her cat is called Loki. Oh, and I got a cold around that time too, because the weather got all nice last weekend and both of my summer coats were still in Zeeland so I had to put on my winter one but leave it open and then there was some wind and then and then and then. So there you are. Yet flowers fill up half the garden over here, so I maintain that spring hasn’t gone away completely even though I've heard people say it may snow again next week o.O

This morning I got up at a ridiculous hour, saw my mum and brother off to work and then ran some errands. Michiel called yesterday to say I should email Smakman about “some experiment or other involving sociolinguistic stuff and singing”, so I did that as well. *makes mental note to check email*

I’m currently trying to bake an apple pie – I listened twice, almost, to the whole of The Yeomen of the Guard while I was making it, so you can imagine how long that took me – but after ten minutes in the oven it looked like it had sort of imploded, so I’m not entirely sure how successful this experiment is going to be. At least it smells nice?

…I should probably go open a window or something, because the door alone isn't going to cut it.

Edit: Oh, that actually doesn't look too bad. Only about 10% of it collapsed, teehee. The rest of it looks fine :D Also, the sociolinguistics thing sounds great, so I'll just go and email “Er. Yes! When?” back, then.


LOI doesn't want me.

Oh, well. There are other jobs out there, I'll just continue the hunt.

On another note, I still can't talk properly, which is beginning to get annoying. Keeping myself busy watching Bones, though, which is good.

Oh, dangit.

Went to the periodontologist yesterday to have some surgery done so now my mouth is full of stitches, which is not as dramatic as it sounds but unfortunately does mean that I'm not supposed to talk, sing or laugh. For about a week. And you know me.

So I try to keep myself busy by having a Buffy marathon (‘cos I’m making my way through the series for the first time), and suddenly… hello, musical episode.

That wasn't bad.

Well, that actually went quite well, I think...? I should hear back from them within two weeks to see if they want to have another talk, so fingers crossed.

Also, I had 45 minutes to kill at the station while waiting for Rowan (we went to see This Means War, which was somehow both slightly terrible and quite amusing), so I went into some shop to get perfume for my mum as a belated birthday present and then the lady behind the counter said "We're doing mini-manicures for free today, would you like one?" and I went "Yeah, why not?" so now my nails are all shiny. Hee.


I've got a job interview next week, eeee! Am excited but also slightly terrified. Heh.

If Harold Lloyd can do it... teehee.

Just saw Hugo with Plien, Rowan and Rianne. It's beautiful and sweet and full of wonderful stuff and OLD MOVIES WHEEEE. (And also, apparently, Kamelion off of Old Who?)

What is it with Hollywood and film nostalgia these days? Not that I'm complaining. Not at all :D

Oh, and also...

Méliès: "Do you want to know?"
Someone in the audience: "Yes!"

Méliès: "Happy endings only happen in the movies."
Rowan: "Good thing this is a film, then."

Cupcake Fest 2.0

Baked some more cupcakes this morning (only this time I cheated and used some mix from a package), ‘cos Bri and Kyra were coming over for a “yaaaay I’ve got my MA and also I haven’t seen you (and some other people who are not here now) since Christmas”-‘party’. I’m really getting the hang of this baking thing, except for the bit where they say “put the tray in the middle of the oven”... so the cupcakes came quite close to having crispy bottoms. Ahem.

Kyra and me: *have some cake*
Bri: “I wonder if I should try some.”
Me: “Well, we did, and we’re still alive, so it’s probably alright.”
Kyra: “Hic.”
Me: “Er.”

Also, just now…

Broer: “Kun je met Google Maps ook op de Noordpool kijken enzo?”
Ik: “Geen idee, ik kom er nooit. Op Google Maps bedoel ik.”

Am now off to watch Lewis with my mum. I’ve never seen Lewis (I’ve never seen Morse either, I should go and hide in shame), so this should be fun.

Edit: Bahaha. Turns out she taped George Gently instead. But fun was had, anyway. “He’s going to punch him.” *violence happens* “How did you know?” “It was predictable.”


D'aaaawwwh, Google's Valentine's doodle...

(Also... This "post something every day"-thing is going well, isn't it?)

Cupcake Fest

Got up at a ridiculous hour this morning, worked at the supermarket until one (in the freezing cold, because apparently the heating's still not been fixed? I am so wearing three sweaters under my blouse tomorrow... -_-) and then went to Rowan's to have a cupcake parteh with Plien. We had lots of fun ("Sorry." "What for?" "I nearly hit you with that pan." "No, you didn't." "Oh. Sorry. I mean, sorry for saying sorry."), even though the cupcakes ended up as sort of semi-failed muffins with some stuff on top consisting mainly of butter and vanilla and chocolate and/or caramel. I'm not hungry enough to try what it tastes like just now, because but we tasted all the ingredients along the way and they were delicious. I've now got eight of those things in my fridge, which means I'll be eating cupcakes for the next week or so...

Also, on the way home, there was an amusing little "Plien and Erika try to get back to Leiden but take an unexpected exit on an access road and get temporarily stuck on a byroad in the middle of bloody nowhere"-adventure, featuring icy roads and stupid cyclists. But we made it, so yay.


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